Dear Frank,
“Wow! I’m just out of two intense days with Frank and our staff. I hired Frank to do a SWOT analysis of Logotex, and to help us put together a strategic plan and boy did I get my money’s worth. Frank has a passion and enthusiasm for business that is rare . . . and to be respected. He was honest, and didn’t mince words – even when it didn’t feel good. But as we all know, change doesn’t happen without a little pain (or maybe a lot?!?) His work is thorough, and comes from a place of deep caring for his client. He is personable, collaborative, creative and had an ability to pull information from us that we didn’t even know we had. He said what needed to be said, gave us an excellent summary of what needs to be done, and prioritized it for us. I am so impressed by his character, his caring and the work that he does. Any organization that works with him will come out better for the exercise, and very clear on what needs to be done to move to the next level. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, Frank. You are a remarkable human. It’s clear to me that you are successful for a very good reason.”
Anne Carroll, President, Logotex

I have known Frank for over 30 years and I’m constantly impressed at his desire, determination and expertise. I have worked beside Frank on collaborated projects for some time now and he inspires confidence as well as results in every step of the way. At Adedge Inc. we work along-side of Vitaliz on an on-going basis and Frank truly delivers what he sets out to do both corporately and personally.
Sal Corrado, President, Creative Director, Adedge Inc.

iCare Home Health engaged Frank from the onset to help plan our go-to-market marketing strategy. Frank assembled the required resources to gain an understanding of our social media, printing and SWAG needs. Frank used a consultative approach to our team and quickly gained our respect as a Trusted Advisor. His communication was timely and post sales problem resolution was prompt. We highly recommend Frank and his team be considered by others that may be in the market for similar services.
Rick Menassa, President, iCare Home Health

I have known Frank Auddino for over 20 years, and worked with him for the majority of those years. In the early days of working with Frank, in my role as President, I very quickly became aware of his talent and determination.
Our company back then, Disticor, benefitted hugely from Frank’s passion and drive.
He played a major role in building our client base, and moving the company’s business forward. I certainly realized back then how much of a valuable asset Frank was to our organization.
After leaving Disticor, my feeling was that if I was ever to get involved in building another business, Frank Auddino would be an individual I would want to partner with.
As fate would have it, that opportunity came along, and Frank became one of four partners in Coast to Coast Newsstand Services (CTC).
At the time of our new ownership, CTC was a company that had been in business for many years, but had become stagnant, and as a National Distributor was a distant second in terms of market share in the competitive Canadian magazine newsstand distribution network.
Frank brought experience and enthusiasm to this new venture. His vision for where CTC could grow to, and what we needed to do to get there, provided the essential ingredients to create a blueprint for success.
His innovative thinking in the areas of systems development, and added value propositions for magazine publishing clients, dramatically elevated CTC’s ability to become a competitive and formidable force in the industry.
Frank’s significant and important contributions as part of the new team at CTC allowed the company to grow their business over 700% in its first 5 years. Just as importantly, CTC became the leader in its field, and became the dominant National Distributor for Canadian magazine publishers, representing over 90% of the market share on newsstands for the Canadian publishing industry.
So much of what CTC has accomplished is as a result of Frank’s valuable guidance, input, and tireless efforts. He was a true ‘founding father’ of the new CTC.
There is no question in my mind that Frank Auddino’s skills, enthusiasm, passion, determination, and experience would be an asset for any cause or project that Frank believes in.

“Frank was instrumental in assisting all @ PRG to better understand and appreciate our existing business and provide a blue print for growth – both for the company and for our people. His business experience and passion for helping is a joy to witness and I highly recommend Frank’s skills to any business looking to grow”.
Neil Mihan, President, PRG

“I’ve had the pleasure of benefitting from Frank’s strategic partnership assistance through his company, Vitaliz. His passion and enthusiasm for helping small business owners to step out of their comfort zone and make themselves and their business more successful is only surpassed by his compassion and drive. I cannot say enough good things about Frank or Vitaliz. Thank you, thank you!
Barbara Jemmott, Managing Director, SkillsClick Training Services