Marketing. It’s kind of an overused term these days, right?

What exactly is marketing to you and your organization? How does marketing increase employee engagement? How does marketing build client retention?

Are you marketing yourself and your business to the fullest?

There are hundreds of definitions of the term marketing floating around both the business world, and the World Wide Web, so it’s no surprise that companies define how they market, and what they market, differently.

While the definitions of the term are based on perspective, Vitaliz is aware that there’s a common thread of engaging a target market of customers to ultimately sell a product or service. And that is to acquire, maintain and satisfy a relationship beyond the initial purchase. That’s our definition – and we think it’s a pretty good one.

So what’s right for your business? Do you want more leads? Are you looking for more sales, and increased revenue? We can take the guesswork out of the equation, and put forward creative marketing solutions tailored to help you reap the benefits of marketing.

We offer innovative, forward-thinking programs to help your company succeed – programs that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Areas of assistance

  • Market entrance analysis: We’ll identify the operating and competitive environments in which a new entrant will face, and design a tailored approach using best practices.
  • Marketing plans: This is your action plan for the year. We can assist in identifying your goals, priorities and projects – the pillars that will keep clients coming back, and keep the industry buzzing.
  • Marketing strategies: Marketing is more than advertising – it is true strategic planning and brilliant execution. We’ll provide a road map and a strategy to move your business forward.
  • Marketing collateral: This is the material that sometimes gets neglected, but can help you generate clients, build relationships and keep you current. Brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, newsletters, stationary, promotional items are all types of targeted marketing collateral, which allow you to maximize your marketing dollars to reach your current and prospective customers.
  • Database marketing: We’re talking about communicating, promoting and selling activities based on a database management system that stores and refines data generated by your organization’s routine marketing and selling efforts.
  • Web design and social media integration: You’re probably utilizing your corporate website, but have you dabbled in the world of social media? These tools are very effective ways of providing detailed information about your company and promoting the development of a positive and sustainable relationship with your clients and potential new ones. We can guide you on how to properly use your website, and how to get the attention of clients online.